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DisplayPort 8K/4K Multi-Mode Fiber Extender System (300 M)

         The LAN-F120 extender enables the transmission of DisplayPort signals over distances up to 300M and resolution up to 8K/4K@60HZ through Multi-Mode fiber. It overcomes the copper DisplayPort cable length limitation without EMI concern, making it ideal for sensitive environment such as medical application. The system is simple to install with Plug-and-Play support and works without any set-up. Applications include digital signage, expo, Mass Rapid Transit, and wherever 8K full-bandwidth uncompressed video are essential.


* Extend long distance DisplayPort connection up to 300 M.
* True 8K/4K@60Hz extension without compression.
* Supports pass through HDR, EDID and DPCP. 
Plug-and-play, no driver or software required.

* Digital signage A/V extension system.
* Medical, industry and military remote monitoring.
* Expo, MRT and airport passenger information system. 
EMI and security sensitive A/V transmission system.